William Foley Piano Instruction

     Lessons are available in my home or in the convenience of the student's home. Providing lessons in the homes of the students and my home studio is an excellent way to accommodate people with different needs. One of my better piano teachers was also a traveling teacher and I was influenced by that because the motivation to play an instrument has peaks and valleys and excuses to cancel lessons due to “piano flu” can be tempting. Sometimes I was not so motivated but because of rigid regularity of the in home lessons, I took them, regardless of my motivation level. This was a good thing. We didn’t have cellular phones then and Mr. Boe was difficult to reach by phone any how. So I took lessons from him for many years; week after week, at the same time, on the same day. I still maintain that people are less likely to cancel lessons, if they are given in their own homes.

Lessons for adults and children.

Now serving Santa Clarita, Sylmar and the city of San Fernando

(818) 929-8627      wwfoley@sbcglobal.net

“There’s no such thing as a difficult piece. Compositions are either easy or impossible and practice is the process that transforms the former to the latter.” Lewis Kentner

     I use a variety of methods and tailor my approach to the needs of the individual student. As a general rule, most children take 30 minute lessons and adults take 45 minute lessons. I also offer one hour lessons as in some cases advanced students, or those with special needs, require more time. My students may participate in the Certificate of Merit programs offered by the MTAC and may also play in MTAC recitals as well as my own annual recitals. I accept students from six years of age to adult and use methods that are appropriate for each age group and customized to each student. My instruction is aimed at providing complete musicianship and includes theory. Participation in the above mentioned activities is encouraged but not required.